Special Bundles

Special Bundles are bulk items in which you can purchase a large number of products for a cheaper price than you would if you bought them individually. Some shops will offer pick n mix sweets such as 50 bags of sweets for the price of 40 which allows you to purchase a large number of confectionery products for your business and you save money in the process.

We are currently offering a deal in which you can buy 100 pre packed bags of sweets for £72 and that also includes free delivery to boot. With incredible savings on otherwise more costly wholesale sweets it makes perfect sense to go for a bundle deal to save you or your business money.

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    £18.00 ( ex. VAT )
    £21.60 ( inc. VAT ) Net per 100g:

    Special Popular Lines Bundle

    Save 10% per Unit!

    Fixed Range of 24 Pre Pack Bags in Multiples of 4.

    Bundle Includles:

    4x Dolly Mix

    4x Fruit Jellies

    4x Jargonelle Pear Drops

    4x Meerkats

    4x Mint Humbugs

    4x Wine Gums

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