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Candy King Sweets | Candy King Pick and MIx

Candy King Sweets are a very popular brand for pick n mix range of candies/sweets that can be seen in many retail outlets, and cinemas across the UK.

Are you a sweet tooth with an insatiable craving for delicious treats? Look no further than Monmore Confectionery, your ultimate destination for all things sweet in the UK. Whether you're a confectionery retailer or just someone who loves Candy King Sweets, Monmore has got you covered.


The Candy King Sweets Collection at Monmore Confectionery

At Monmore Confectionery, we take pride in offering an extensive range of Candy King Sweets and Candy King Pick n Mix. With 11 delightful options to choose from, you'll find all your Candy King favorites, and maybe even discover some new ones. Our Candy King selection is a true candy lover's dream come true.

Why Choose Monmore Confectionery?

  1. Wholesale Convenience: As a sweet wholesaler, Monmore Confectionery provides an easy and cost-effective solution for businesses in the UK looking to stock up on Candy King Sweets. Our bulk purchasing options make it convenient for you to meet your inventory needs.

  2. Retail Sales: Monmore Confectionery isn't just for wholesalers; it's also for the general public. We cater to individual customers who can't resist the allure of Candy King Sweets. You can buy your Candy King favorites in the quantities that suit your cravings.

  3. Wide Selection: With 11 different Candy King sweets on offer, you're sure to find the flavors that tantalise your taste buds. From classic favorites to exciting new varieties, the Candy King range at Monmore has something for everyone.

  4. Free Delivery for Orders Over £200: Monmore Confectionery values its customers, and we reward your sweet indulgence with free delivery on orders over £200. It's just one more reason to stock up on your favorite Candy King Sweets.

Explore the Sweetness Today!

So, whether you're a retailer looking to stock your store or a candy lover seeking the finest Candy King Sweets, Monmore Confectionery is your go-to source in the UK. We offer quality, variety, and excellent service to sweeten your day.


 Order your Candy King Sweets at Monmore Confectionery now, and let the indulgence begin!

Remember, we deliver the sweets you love, right to your doorstep. Enjoy the unmatched flavors of Candy King Sweets – the UK's candy royalty. It's time to satisfy your cravings with Monmore Confectionery.


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