Swizzels Matlow

Swizzles Matlow are a UK company that produce a range of vast range of tasty pick n mix sweets that include product like the iconic drumstick and the Cola Bottle Fun Gums. A popular choice with consumers and stockists alike, choose Monmore confectionery if you want to get your hands on one of the most popular UK makers of sweets for your business or to satisfy your own sweet tooth.

With a well-known brand like Swizzles Matlow you know you are getting a broad range of products to choose from and they include wholesale sweets such as Butterscotch Boiled sweets, Drumstick Lollies, Fizzy Wine Gums, Fizzy Lollipops and Giant Parma Violets. Monmore Confectionery have got you covered when it comes to Swizzles Matlow products and the product range is expanding all the time.

Swizzles Matlow are still one of the most popular sweet products today and with their 90 years anniversary coming up they have managed to have a great longevity in the confectionery market. With Monmore Confectionery offering such a complete range of largely vegetarian sweets you know that you can count on these products to perform well in your shop.

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