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Old fashioned sweets are iconic, memorable and perfect for sweet lovers. Nothing really beats the feeling of walking into an old fashioned sweet shop. Do you remember, seeing the walls lined with your favourite sweets? Old fashioned sweets from the 70s are more popular than ever before and we are proud to stock a range of over 100 of your favourites. No matter whether you are trade, stocking to customers, or the general public, looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, we are sure to have the old fashioned sweets that you remember eating years ago.


Buy old fashioned sweets online can be easier than ever before thanks to the simple shopping experience from Monmore Confectionery. With the ability to split our entire old fashioned sweets range into smaller sections including price, brand, colour and flavour, you can sort our range of old fashioned sweets to make shopping easier than ever before. Many of our old fashioned sweets come packaged in jars, meaning you can replicate those walls and walls of sweets that you regularly see in old fashioned sweet shops.


What was your favourite sweet back in the 70s? Was it a DipDab? Flying Saucers? Sherbet Fountain? Whatever it was you used to love, we are on a mission! Our old fashioned sweets range includes over 100 sweets but we are always looking to include more to indulge whatever it is that you are craving. Our old fashioned sweets can make the perfect gift. Do you have a friend or a relative who loves sweets? They are bound to love our selection of old fashioned sweets. Buying a jar of old fashioned sweets for yourself or someone else can provide a little bit of nostalgia, perfect for those who reminisce on times gone by.


With old fashioned flavours such as aniseed, blackcurrant, liquorice and mint, whether you are a lover of sweet, sour or fruity, we are sure to have the old fashioned sweets that you are after. We stock all of our old fashioned sweets in our trade warehouse, located in Bilston, West Midlands. However, with the entire range also available online and next day delivery on all old fashioned sweets, you can have your sweets sooner than you think!


Buy old fashioned sweets wholesale from Monmore Confectionery and you can be sure you are getting high quality sweets, at low, low prices. Whether you are shopping for old fashioned sweets for yourself, as a sweet treat, or to pass directly onto your customers, our old fashioned sweets are perfect to help make life a little bit sweeter.

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