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Everyone has those sweet brands that they know and love. Whether your favourite confectionery brand is someone that everyone knows and can be bought everywhere, or whether it is something more niche, available only in a few places, you can be sure that Monmore Confectionery will provide the sweetie brands that will keep you coming back again and again.


If you are looking for leading sweet brands and manufacturers of cheap bulk sweets, you have come to the right place. Boasting brands such as Haribo, Cadburys, Swizzels and Kinnertons, you can be sure to find the exact brand of sweets that you are after.


With sweet shop favourites including jellies, hard boiled sweets combined with flavours from blackcurrant to pineapple to bubblegum, you’ll love shopping the range of confectionery brands on offer. All of our branded sweets are in one category, making it easier to find exactly what you want. You can also narrow this search down further, by flavour, colour and packaging, which makes shopping with Monmore Confectionery easier than ever.


Not only do we supply a range of confectionery giants, but also some lesser well known sweet brands and manufacturers which means you can offer this complete range to your customers. Whether your customers come to your shop for the well known confectionery brands or the lesser known retro brands, you can provide both from our wide range.


With the entire range of sweet brands combining sweets for dietary requirements, you can still enjoy your favourite confectionery brands without restriction. Whether the sweets are for you, for friends or to supply to customers in your shop, Monmore Confectionery can provide the sweets you need. 

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