Kervan Gida



Kervan Gida is a Turkish Confectionery brand that manufactures their products throughout the UK and their range includes: Coloured Pencils, Jelly Candy and Novelty toys. Monmore Confectionery stock many of their pick n mix products which are ideal for customers who come to your shop or if you are looking to purchase some of these tasty sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kervan’s are tasty wholesale sweets that are enjoyed by adults and kids and the variety of products include: Assorted Fruit Pencils, Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils, Fizzy Strawberry Pencils and Strawberry Mini Pencils. Monmore Confectionery stock these confectionery products at affordable prices with new products expected all the time.

Kervan’s have been going for over 20 years now and they have been providing cash and carry sweets to a broad range of wholesalers. Monmore Confectionery are able to supply you with the products you are looking for.


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